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With wide ranging song writing influences, Rob Carey seeks to be a creative, original and innovative song writer. His unique style and varied tones keep the listener guessing and intrigued but above all wanting to hear more.
It has been a pleasure to work with Rob on a couple of his songs. Rob has ploughed his own furrow musically and refused to be constrained to any particular style. This refreshing approach to his music has led to a raft of varied and imaginative songs. He draws from a wide pool of inspiration and this is reflected in his albums.James Collins
Rob has been a regular visitor to Sugati Sound over quite a few years now and I am always delighted to hear his new material. I never quite know what is coming next as he is brimming over with new ideas and always has new songs to record. The quality of the songs too, seem to grow and grow and his latest album, 'Grey Suburbia' is, for me, the best yet, with new ground being explored and very enjoyable to listen to.Paul Keeler - producer/engineer at Sugati Sound